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When picking up your order, please have your driver's follow the instructions for loading below:

Driver’s Instructions for Loading.

1. Hours of operation are 7AM to 4 PM, drivers may not stage on Leonard Lee Road, Pit will open at 6:30 and drivers may stage on haul road but not in the Pit
2. First truck loads at 7AM

a. Driver needs to make sure the truck has been scanned previously or have it scanned upon arrival (If you have scanned at Wimauma/Transcor in the past 12 months you don’t need to scan)

b. Driver will have to have account number and job name

c. Driver needs to know the trucking company they are working for and truck number

d. Driver needs to contact their dispatch if they are missing any information

4. Trucks must stay on haul roads
5. Always proceed with caution, haul road speed limit 15 MPH, inside pit speed limit 5 MPH
6. Loading will stop if driver leaves vehicle
7. Clean off top rails of truck prior to scanning
8. Please use trash cans and be respectful of common areas
9. All customers must proceed and check out through load scan please proceed slowing under scanner to window
10. Review ticket prior to leaving and sign
11. Make sure tarp is up and load is secured
12. Obey stop sign and speed limits when exiting onto Leonard Lee Road
13. Do not pull over on side of Leonard Lee Road unless it is an emergency
14. Fasten seat belts, drive carefully

Click below for a PDF of instructions you can provide your drivers

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